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Fishing in the river Dore which runs alongside The Park is available free to customers staying on The Park.
Fisherman must fish from Poston Mill Park bank or from within the river. Please do not fish from the opposite bank. The river contains small brown trout which can be caught and released.
No keep nets and barbless hooks only to be used.

Canon Bridge Fishery-Madley
(6.5 Miles – 15 Minutes)
Cost £5 per day. Pond fishing carp during daylight hours only. A license must be produced.

Moccas Fishery-River Wye
Permits and beats available from The Red Lion Inn at Bredwardine 
(6.2 miles – 13 minutes)
Costs: Salmon £25 Trout £15 Course £10 Extending over some 4 miles of single bank fishing on the middle Wye, this is traditionally one of the places to try for spring salmon. With plenty of pools and fly runs, passing through pastureland, the fishery offers easy access and good wading.

Click on Headings for Direct website links and more info; Printed directions available in Poston reception.

Fishing Seasons
These can vary across different regions and should be checked at the time of booking with the relevant body. January 26th to October 17th -Salmon March 1st to September 30th – Brown Trout No season – Rainbow trout.

For bait, rods and other fishing tackle, please visit:

Woody’s Angling Centre:
(11.4 miles – 27 minutes)
67 Whitecross Road, Hereford HR4 0DQ 01432 344644


Sport Fish:
(1.6 miles – 21 minutes)
Winforton Hereford, HR3 6SP 01544 327111 Email:

Small brown trout
Fishing from The Dore river bank
Fishing on the River Wye